Rowing, a Sport for Everyone

Rowing, a Sport for Everyone

Rowing, a Sport for Everyone

Don’t think that rowing is reserved for an elite and for Olympic races: you too can get started tomorrow, with friends or why not as a couple!

To be able to row, there is only one requirement to fulfill: find a rowing club and a team. Moreover, this sport requires both human supervision to train you and ensure your safety on the water exactly like lifeguards at the pool and very expensive specific equipment.

Luckily, this is made available to you by the club, so your only cost is the annual fee. You don’t even need to acquire a special outfit!

If you live near a large lake, a relatively calm and wide enough river or the sea, there is probably a rowing club.

Accessible and Friendly

This prerequisite fulfilled, rowing is a sport accessible to all, young and old, young and old, inveterate or occasional sportsmen. You can even choose it if you decide to start or resume a sporting activity.

But, rowing is practiced either in leisure practice at your own pace, quiet or more sustained, or in competition. Moreover, you can row alone or with others.

Something to combine physical exercise with conviviality! Depending on the categories and events, a coxswain is at the head to coordinate the movements.

Very complete, rowing solicits 95% of the muscles. However, you don’t need to have Popeye’s biceps to practice it, because the legs produce 75% of the energy!

Another essential point: if muscle power obviously plays an important role. It is first of all the dynamics and the fluidity of the gesture that make the boat slide.

In other words, a very sturdy rower does not necessarily move faster than a thin rower: it’s all in the technique!

In summary, if you like outdoor activities and nature, dare to experience rowing. Whatever your age, your size and your current sports practice, you will enjoy it!

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