The reason Paul Pogba is so hated by Manchester United fans

The reason Paul Pogba is so hated by Manchester United fans

The reason Paul Pogba is so hated by Manchester United fans will be reviewed in this article. Paul Pogba is one of Manchester United’s most expensive signings.

The French midfielder was brought in from Juventus in 2016. It is known that Paul Pogba’s price is 105 million euros. It was the most expensive transfer value in history at that time.

However, Paul Pogba’s journey at Old Trafford did not seem to go well. Even though he didn’t appear so bad, Paul Pogba became one of the players the Red Devils fans hated the most.

One of the most striking moments when Manchester United fans hurled hatred at him was during the Manchester United vs Norwich City match on April 16, 2022. In that match, Paul Pogba, who started as a starter, was jeered by supporters at Old Trafford when he was pulled off in the minute 77.

According to fans, Paul Pogba has not shown his best potential for the Red Devils. Not only that, fans also believe that the midfielder who led France to win the 2018 World Cup is the best signing in the history of the club because Paul Pogba has missed many seasons with injuries.

Not only that, Patrice Evra revealed that Paul Pogba was hated by Manchester United fans. According to him, Pogba’s lifestyle is very excessive, affecting his performance.

“Paul doesn’t feel love at United. Former players hate him. Some fans don’t like his lifestyle so they hate him,” said Patrice Evra to the Daily Mail quoted from Punditarena, Friday (31/03/2023).

“I didn’t defend him just because he was like my little brother but people were tough on him. Paul was just a player in that team. He wasn’t United,” he added.

In the end, Paul Pogba decided to return to his previous club, Juventus in the summer of 2022. He was released on a free transfer, after he did not want to extend his contract at Old Trafford.

Despite being hated by Manchester United fans, Paul Pogba has made a pretty good record while at Manchester United. In total, Paul Pogba has played 233 matches with a record of 39 goals and 51 assists.

That is the reason Paul Pogba is so hated by Manchester United fans.

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