Why Van Nistelrooy Used to Hate Cristiano Ronaldo?

Why Van Nistelrooy Used to Hate Cristiano Ronaldo?

You will find out why Van Nistelrooy used to hate Cristiano Ronaldo in the SportReviews article. The player from the Netherlands and Portugal was once in the same club, namely Manchester United.

However, their time together for three years apparently did not go well. Even before Van Nistelrooy’s move to Real Madrid, he made Cristiano Ronaldo cry.

So, why did Van Nistelrooy hate Cristiano Ronaldo? Reporting from the Manchester Evening News page, Friday (31/3/2023), Wayne Rooney, who has also been part of the Red Devils -the nickname of Manchester United – tells what is known about the conflict between Ronaldo and Nistelrooy in the past.

Rooney said that when Ronaldo first came to Manchester United, he was not at the level he is now. Which Ronaldo certainly has to fight to become the main player of the Red Devils.

On the other hand, Van Nistelrooy, who at that time had become an important player for Manchester United by scoring 110 goals in three seasons in the Premier League, was more used to the presence of David Beckham and Ryan Giggs, who often gave him bait for goals.

“I think Van Nistelrooy is used to David Beckham on the right wing and Ryan Giggs on the left wing who always crosses for him to finish it into a goal,” said Wayne Rooney.

Then, 18-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo joined Manchester United and often stabbed himself from the flank. This of course made Nistelrooy lose a lot of balls and he started to get frustrated.

The peak of Van Nistelrooy’s frustration then broke when he mentioned the ‘father’ to Cristiano Ronaldo in a training session. Which, at that time the conversation about fathers was still a sensitive topic because Ronaldo had just lost his father forever.

Due to the conflict that never subsided, Sir Alex Ferguson then decided to sell Nistelrooy to Real Madrid in the summer of 2006. Regarding this decision, Rooney himself felt that it was the right decision.

“I think it might be the right time for Ruud to move on and people like me, Cristiano, Darren Fletcher to come in and be the next generation of the team,” concluded Rooney.

Those are the reasons why Van Nistelrooy used to hate Cristiano Ronaldo.

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