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The reason why the color green and yellow is used by Manchester United supporters

The reasons why Manchester United fans wear green and yellow will be discussed in this article. This British giant is usually synonymous with bright red.

However, at first glance, if you look in more detail, there are not a few Manchester United supporters who wear yellow and green when supporting their favourite team competing at Old Trafford. The view is certainly very contrasting and raises many questions.

It turns out that the reason why the green and yellow colours are worn by Manchester United supporters apparently leads to a form of protest and resistance against the Glazer family, the owners of Manchester United. The Glazer family bought the Red Devils (nicknamed Manchester United) with debt funds, whose nominal value continues to swell.

The Glazers themselves bought Manchester United in 2005 through investment firm Red Football Ltd. The arrival of the Glazer family to Old Trafford was considered careless in managing the club.

In fact, one of the former Manchester United stars, Cristiano Ronaldo, once made a shocking statement regarding this matter. He revealed that the Glazer family did not care about Manchester United.

“The Glazers, they don’t care about the club. I mean, professional sport, as you know, Manchester is a marketing club. They will get money from sports-marketing, that is they don’t really care, I think,” said Cristiano Ronaldo. Manchester Evening News.

So, what to do with the colour green-yellow? Apparently that colour is the colour of Newton Heath’s greatness, the old name of Manchester United. The club was actually founded under the name Newton Heath Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Football Club in 1878.

But in 1902 the name changed to Manchester United. Eight years later they moved to Old Trafford. At that time, Newton Heath wore a yellow-green jersey for 24 years. The players are railroad workers who are passionate about playing and building a strong team foundation. 

So the imposition of the green-yellow colour at this time is a reminder of the club’s power over the noble values of Manchester United. It is also at the same time as opposition to the Glazer family who are considered to be damaging the club’s ecosystem. 

Thus the discussion about the reasons why the green-yellow colours are used by Manchester United fans.

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