What is the latest Betting News Singapore?

What is the latest Betting News Singapore?

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As per the recent Betting News Singapore, it was found that due in significant part to its police authority, Singapore has been actively working to eradicate illegal gambling from the city-state. Over the past three years, 2,400 persons have been detained due to unlawful gambling, with 800 of those detentions specifically related to illicit sports betting.

As the police pursue gambling companies, arrests are still being made:

In order to inform the public that Singapore Pools is now the only regulated and permitted operator that can accept bets on sporting events and lotteries, the police provided The Straits Times with the numbers. Recently, especially since the World Cup in Qatar got underway, the cops have been very busy.

On November 26, law enforcement officers carried out a raid that led to the detention of 12 suspects, aged 50 to 73, who are believed to have engaged in illicit gambling. The most serious gambling infraction that can be committed in Singapore involved five people detained as bookies.

Offenders in Singapore Face Strict Penalties:

The police promised that anyone encouraging or facilitating gambling in Singapore would face a fast response, with law enforcement combining their efforts to find and apprehend organizers. Additionally, Singapore has increased its gambling sanctions, fining offenders up to $10,000 and sending them to jail for up to six months.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • In Singapore, is gambling prohibited?

Many Singaporeans often engage in social gambling, which was previously legal and widespread in Betting News Singapore. However, with the GCA’s amendments, all types of gambling that are not expressly permitted are now considered illicit gambling.

  • Are sports betting legal in Singapore?

Is gambling on sports permitted in Singapore? Yes, since 1968, when Singapore Pools was established, sports betting has been permitted in Singapore.


In Singapore, over 2,400 persons have been detained for engaging in unlawful gaming over the last three years, with over 800 detentions involving illegal betting.

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