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Wolff: Red Bull building its own F1 engine “very bold”

Toto Wolff

Toto Wolff, Mercedes Formula 1 boss, believes Red Bull pursuing its own engine plans is “very bold strategy” after failing to close a deal with Porsche.

Red Bull initiated its plan to work on its own engines after Honda’s departure from the F1.

However, it engaged Porsche for a possible cooperation between the two for a 2026 regulated power unit. However, the negotiations were recently close between the two. It left Audi, Volkswagen Group brand, as the only possibility on the grid for RB.

Red Bull Powertrains company is set to take the project independently. However, it remains open for a future cooperation with a third party for successful completion of its own power unit.

Chirstian Horner, Red Bull team principal, has hinted for a possible collaboration with Honda. He hinted specifically for cooperation on battery technology with its ex-partner.

Wolff said that Mercedes has missed the opportunity to fight with Porsche. He hopes that its fellow Stuttgart manufacturer could find a way in to the F1 sport.

“I think it’s a very bold strategy,” said Wolff of RBPT project.

“Being self-sufficient is clearly a scenario that Red Bull have always wanted to achieve. Have their own power unit, not be dependent of any other OEM.

“And here we go. That’s the strategy they have deployed. And we shall see what happens in ’26/’27/’28.

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“Clearly, this is setting a direction. I’m not involved in the detail whether Porsche joins in badging the engine or if Honda is going to badge the engine.

“It’s a shame obviously, from me as a Mercedes person. It’s a shame that we can’t fight with Porsche. Porsche-Red Bull would have been a mega entry. A great brand.

“And that didn’t work out for reasons that are unknown to me. It would have been really great for F1 and all of us overall if they would have joined forces for the attractiveness of the sport.”

Wolff claims that a brand like Porsche can add a great value the sport. It would have benefited all, not just the Porsche. It would have also been great for their marketing endeavour.

“Every large corporation, especially auto companies, not only auto companies, because Red Bull is also pretty good at that, that not only buys a racing team and invest large amounts of money into running it, but also invests even more into activation is beneficial for F1.

“And if a brand like Porsche that is known all over the world, puts their marketing dollars into activating F1, we will all be benefitting. And I think this is the important part.”

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