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Many times it is seen that we are idle sitting in the brightly lit offices. Now, what happens is we scroll through the various websites in order to kill time. Sometimes to our co-incidence we are caught by a betting sports website. Similar, happened with James Opio an accountant who was sitting in his office. Working in Uganda’s leading manufacturing firm, he gets stuck by a Gal’s Sports betting website. The officer initiated betting on the first hand and found this process of online betting easier and convenient.

Ohio said, unlike traditional way of betting, when we had to walk down to the outlet or send someone on your behalf was a long and daunting process. But now, this complex process has made betting easier with a few clicks. Next, you don’t have to ignore your work or leave it for a longer time. Without any hustle you can simply bet on the sport.


The Gal’s website came out in the year of 2012 and as per Johnny Nzabanita; the manager of the website has noticeably seen that how the idea of online betting has revolutionized the way of betting taken place in the past. It has been doubled since its inception. Now, because the betting can be done from all around the world, it has seen a remarkable increase in its usage. The users have claimed that it is easier to win an online bet as compared to the old way of betting.

The owners of the online betting website, Nzabanita have fixed a minimum betting amount to UGX1,000 shillings that can go up to UGX150m. So, by this you can get an idea how many bids can be entertained at a time by the online betting website.



  • The new users can create a new account and open a betting account, the user can now place stakes on various other sports activities such as Football, Rugby, Keno, Spin and Win, Tennis, live betting and many others.
  • This process of online betting website is fiercely engaged in connecting with many other e-commerce providers. On achieving a successful tie up with such companies, all the online users will be able to access their winnings by accessing Mobile Money wallets.
  • The Gal’s Sport betting website massively covers online betting, mobile and retailers operations.

This online betting website remains to be one of the leading providers of betting opportunities to all its customers in Uganda. It has a huge variety of providing full range of betting chances to all passionate game lovers. Regardless of the location, the company strives to provide one of the best support services to its potential customers.


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