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Suarez And Tears Of 2022 World Cup

Tears produced by the lacrimal glands located on the upper eyelids are the most commonly used form of expression. A person’s emotional outburst for a certain reason. Tears, like emotions, can vary. Tears do not simply mean sadness. Tears also have a positive meaning. Contrasting views drawn from the same tears surfaced in two different locations which competed for the final two matches of Group H of the 2022 World Cup.

Education City Stadium, Al Rayyan, where South Korea and Portugal fought. Meanwhile, Uruguay and Ghana fought at the Al Janoub Stadium. In the first mentioned place, the South Korean players were crying tears of joy. On the other hand, the Uruguayan players were sobbing trying to digest what had just happened.

The Taeguk Knights’ 2-1 win over Portugal was more than enough to get them into the round of 16. This breakthrough happened dramatically, because the winning goal for the Asian representative was only presented in injury time.

Portugal, which relied on reserve players, opened the scoring when the match had only been running for five minutes through Ricardo Horta. South Korea, driven by the masked captain, Son Heung-min, continued to press to equalize in the 27th minute. Kim Young-gwon successfully maximized opportunities from corner kicks.

The match almost ended in a draw. The result in itself buried South Korea’s dream because in another match Uruguay managed to maintain a two-goal lead without reply over Ghana. As it turned out, the fighting spirit of Paulo Bento’s fleet had not died down. Their spirits are even more blazing. They fight to maximize every opportunity, no matter how small.

It’s proven to work. Starting from a fast counter-attack scheme, Hwang Hee-chan successfully beat Diogo Costa to give South Korea the winning goal. After the match, the South Korean side was immersed in joy. However, their step into the last 16 is not guaranteed. The players circled the center of the field to watch the Uruguay versus Ghana match which ended later. Likewise with the thousands of fans in the stands of the stadium.

With great anticipation, they look forward to the end of the story. Uruguay is in a leading position. Already before the first half ended La Celeste led two goals without conceding. The two goals were bought up by Giorgian de Arrascaeta, in the 26th and 32nd minutes.

The South Korean side certainly hopes for Ghana. The African representative did not concede another goal. With enough to concede two goals, they have given way to South Korea. On the other hand, Uruguay needed at least one more goal to frustrate the Taeguk Warriors.

As it turned out, South Korea’s hopes were embracing the realities on the ground. The CONMEBOL delegate was unable to score the third goal. In such a situation, both Uruguay and South Korea collect identical points. 4. Results of one win and one draw. The decision to accompany Portugal-which has already been confirmed for the knockout phase and the defeat does not change their status as group winners with six points-must refer to regulations.

Determination of position in the standings when there are two or more teams with similar points is to use the following parameters sequentially. (1) overall group goal difference, (2) goals scored, (3) head to head results, (4) goal difference in all match points of the teams being equal, (5) goals scored in all matches of the same points teams , (6) fair play points, and (7) sweepstakes.

Portugal and Uruguay scored the same points, namely 4. Their goal difference was also 0. In terms of the number of goals, South Korea scored 4 goals and conceded 4 goals. Uruguay was only able to score 2 goals and the same number of balls entered their net. Referring to rule number 2, South Korea is more positive because it has scored more goals (4) than Uruguay (2).

One of the Uruguayan players who couldn’t hold back his sadness was Luis Suarez. Aged player who made Qatar his final stage. Likewise with four other senior players who are still trusted by Diego Alonso, namely Edinson Cavani, Fernando Muslera, Sebastian Sosa and Diego Godin.

Uruguay and Ghana meeting is the second time. The difference, the previous meeting occurred in the quarter-finals of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. At that time, Suarez became a byword. He is the hero of victory for Uruguay as well as the most hated figure for Ghana. He was the actor who got Uruguay through and caused Africa’s only remaining hope to be tragically eliminated.

Ghana’s grudge still carries over to 12 years after that. Ghana’s memories of Suarez still make an impression. There was an expletive from the mouths of Ghana fans in Qatar every time Suarez approached the sidelines.

Uruguay was actually on the verge of qualifying when they were able to secure a two-goal lead from the first half and Portugal were able to keep pace with South Korea. If the final result is like this, then Uruguay will qualify as runner-up, accompanying Portugal.

Unfortunately, this scenario only exists in wishful thinking even though the referee gave seven minutes of extra time. South Korea managed to score one more goal ahead of dispersal.

Uruguay was also unable to convince the match referee to receive a penalty for the alleged violation by the Ghanaian player on Cavani in the forbidden box. That moment happened at the end of the fight. The referee didn’t budge. The frustrated Uruguayan camp then expressed their disappointment at the match officials after that.

“The FIFA people and the refereeing committee must explain what underlies their decision not to give us a penalty. We should have got two penalties today,” Suarez protested, launching from Goal.

In contrast to the Uruguay camp, the South Korean side, after confirming that the Uruguay versus Ghana score would not change, they really fell into complete joy. They are happy for the struggle they just went through. A heroic struggle to come from behind, equalize, and steal the winning goal.

South Korea’s foundation, namely Son, has succeeded in becoming a driving force and inspiration. He continuously encouraged the players and provoked the fans so that they should not lose hope. The Tottenham Hotspur star’s bait for Wolverhampton Wanderers frontman Hwang in the dying minutes finally turned that impossibility into a victory party. Making a difficult start to a happy ending.

Ghana fans really regret that their favorite team’s steps cannot be like the best edition more than a decade ago. However, they did not seem to lose joy. Because, their target for “revenge” on Uruguay achieved. Even with just not conceding more than two goals. Ghana fans cheered over the tears of Suarez and friends.


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